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Open Source Community Sentiment

Tech Used:

  • Apollo is a GraphQL client that allows you to easily query the exact data you need from a GraphQL server. In addition to fetching and mutating data, Apollo analyzes your queries and their results to construct a client-side cache of your data, which is kept up to date as further queries and mutations are run, fetching more results from the server.

    In this simple example, we integrate Apollo seamlessly with Next by wrapping our pages inside a higher-order component (HOC). Using the HOC pattern we're able to pass down a central store of query result data created by Apollo into our React component hierarchy defined inside each page of our Next application.

    We use Hasura's excellent graphql as a service platform to store the data we generate.

    We use Tensorflow js with pretrained toxicity and LSTM based sentiment analysis models to score text.
    We fetch a repositories data, including code of conduct, readme, license, PR and issue comments via GitHub's REST v3 api.